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New XC40 - Likes and Dislikes

Post by kfoxpt » Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:21 am

Good evening from someone who has lurked here for quite some time prior to finally receiving my new XC40 (Black/Blonde T5Auto with Premium, Vision, and Moonroof). I am switching from a VW Passat. A big thank you to all who have posted and provided feedback re: their new cars. Particularly their passion for this wonderful vehicle. I have had the pleasure of driving mine for 4 weeks. I have grown to love it more every day. I have collected some likes and dislikes with the intent of possibly resolving some of the dislikes through feedback from other forum members or Volvo (fingers crossed).

- the 248 HP engine is refined and potent enough
- the small size is perfect for city driving
- the Adaptive Cruise Control is fantastic
- the Sensus system is simple, intuitive, and keeps the interior from being cluttered
- the inductive cell charger
- everything is within reach
- the mileage log on VolvoApp (perfect for business drivers)
- the headlights are phenomenal
- the turning radius is remarkably short
- it feels so solid and rigid
- the moonroof with blonde interior makes the inside feel so much larger than my wife's Highlander (even though it is smaller)
- the secret under floor space in trunk intended for shelf storage is perfect for stashing medical gear and preventing having to keep work stuff in a container in the trunk.

Dislikes (I know no vehicle is perfect)
- the back seats are too upright (I rarely carry anbody in the back)
- the start/stop feature cannot be disabled in the initial start up Comfort mode (I know it is only 2 button pushes of the drive mode button to switch to individual mode but it would be nice if the vehicle would default to whatever mode you choose to associate with each key fob) (Software update?)
- if you do not have Navigation, it cannot be removed from the top line of the Sensus system, this wastes screen space for unused tech (Software update?)
- the back up camera is dim, I wonder if this is a contrast issue as the camera picks up the corner of my white license plate that is well lit by the plate light.
- the body style holds water when washed at certain locations (under door handles and in mirrors) that leads to streaks as the runs out after washing leading to water spots

All in all, I am very pleased with the decision to get this vehicle (considered 2019 VW Tiguan, 2019 Acura RDX, and CBO XC60). I get a lot of compliments, my kids are begging to drive it, and it fits my needs well. Thank you again for all the tips and tricks provided by other members making the transition to this new car so easy.

2019 XC40 T5 Black/Blonde with Vision, Premium, and Moonroof packages

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