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Voice Control Update

Post by scottpcs » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:47 pm

I noticed that Volvo published new updates as of yesterday, 13th September for both the voice control and European mapping (v1233)

After I downloaded the voice control update to a USB stick, I plugged it into the car but all I get is a message saying 'cannot read file as a newer version is already installed' - is anyone else getting the same error?

It's impossible that a newer version is already installed unless it somehow downloaded itself to the car over the internet yesterday? It usually tells me about any pending software updates as soon as an internet connection is established after starting the car and in any case lets me choose whether to install them or not.
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Re: Voice Control Update

Post by varavital » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:52 pm

Got the same message yesterday evening when I tried installing the new update for Voice Control...
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Re: Voice Control Update

Post by jagstyles » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:08 am

Are we able to install sensus software updates ourselves? If so, how? I'd be interested in doing this. Thx.

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Re: Voice Control Update

Post by XC40Warwick » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:14 am

If you're in the UK >> https://www.volvocars.com/uk/support Then click on the Download tab
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