Faulty Fuel Injector - B3 2023

Faults and Technical chat for the Volvo XC40
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eugen61 wrote: Mon Jan 08, 2024 5:07 pm
BuzBox wrote: Mon Jan 08, 2024 2:49 pm Can't quite get my head around the reason to post their warranty link as it wasn't made clear, was it to highlight it's bad or good?? For me its the latter!! What other brand of car can you obtain that is (say) 7-years old 70k miles and still 3-yrs warranty remaining?? With the complexity of cars going skywards, this warranty should not be talked down, it's innovation should be embraced and demanded from all!!
Why spoil your valuable feedback with Oldie / John habits? I started to like your latest reincarnation, the best so far.
I found the warranty link quite helpful, list of parts covered for 10 years is impressive, it made me start looking into Lexus NX reviews.
Leopards and spots unfortunately. Was just a matter of time before normal service was resumed!
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Stovo wrote: Mon Jan 08, 2024 2:17 pm I have to want the NX350h, so far I do based upon initial viewing. The final decision will be based upon the test drive, and if no good, all aforementioned is null and void, and back to square one!
With Toyota/ Lexus Hybrids you have to remove conventional ICE understandings. It has no conventional gearbox, even though its called an e-CVT "gearbox", no clutches, no starter motor, no alternator, no turbocharger (all the expensive things that can and often fail). You have a combination of an ICE, a planetary/ sun gear system, two powerful electric motors or three when AWD, and a very complex computer controlled power-unit activating them to achieve maximum efficiency. Its best to be well read on how it works to fully appreciate what its doing, and from understanding comes why owners don't have issues about how the "gearbox" works. But a word of caution, if you love the conventional way an ICE car works, then its very removed from that as the rev's can operate with little resemblance to road speed. But if you long for a relax cosseted drive, with almost a one peddle driving experience, often more than 55% of journey's on pure electric without the need to plug-in, and a cabin that's one of the best in the business with a 14-inch center screen, all with 10-year piece of mind ownership, then your in for a treat.
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End of the commercial, we return you to the normal program...
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Felindre wrote: Tue Jan 09, 2024 7:42 pm End of the commercial, we return you to the normal program...
Sorry, you can probably guess I'm a new to Full-Hybrid fan - all of the fun but with no battery anxiety.
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I guess this is an XC40 forum, and maybe some members feel all threads should be related to same. Personally I don’t mind other makes being mentioned providing helpful and relevant, and to be fair Buzzbox I find yours are. End of day we are all going to be moving on from our XC40’s ( myself included), so what’s the harm in talking about other manufacturers,
Maybe cut back a little on the sales pitch. 😂😂😂
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Has anyone here actually driven a Toyota hybrid, or better still owned one? Great to have a fantasy but the reality is slightly different.
Never owned a car that had so many recalls. The Volvo does it's software updates via the internet - the Toyota has to be taken to the dealer.
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Yes, the tech is extremely cleaver and renowned as the best (no sales pitch intended, no fantasy, just industry facts). And with regards to facts, Toyota software updates and downloads are now via an on-demand cloud-based system, no need to visit the dealer. Would not worry too much about recall scores, all manufacturers fall fowl of them, and the more you sell the more you will have - its a great world monitoring system that is to be applauded and helps keeps us safe.
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Stovo wrote: Tue Jan 09, 2024 9:00 pm I guess this is an XC40 forum, and maybe some members feel all threads should be related to same.
Agreed, which is a shame because the site pitches its values to say "Our Volvo XC40 Forums are free to join and open to all".
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Sorry I haven’t got 5 posts on the forum so unable to PM members back - however the New Fuel Injector has been fitted but car still with Volvo after having a near miss when flowing down in fast traffic - have no confidence after the two repairs that this is the final fix!
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Dever64 wrote: Fri Jan 19, 2024 2:20 pm have no confidence after the two repairs that this is the final fix!
So several weeks later, was it the final fix?

My wife’s car is exhibiting similar un-fixable symptoms. It’s been in a few times now, had spark plugs changed 3 times, an oil change and oil filter change (which seems an unlikely fix).

Each time it has gone into limp mode it has been when turning out onto a busy fast road with the “Engine Misfire” error codes in the log. Dealer can’t replicate issue and Volvo HQ technicians have no useful suggestions (they suggested oil change).
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