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Post by Grampa »

Brand new XC40 B3
Seat positions are adjusted manually.
My wife and I aren't too tall so we like the seats at their maximum height.
They fail to stay in the high position, however, and after 2/3 days they magically drop to their lowest level.
(nb. We are not overweight)
Reported this twice to my dealer but, as you would expect, they cannot find anything wrong with the mechanism.

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Post by JFDIT »

I had a manual passenger seat on my MY22 XC40 and it stayed exactly where put.
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Post by ChrisLF »

Same in both my cars but we don't have the seats all the way up.

Doesn't seem right that they should lower themselves and especially all the way down.

From the manual I see that you have to pump a lever up or down to raise or lower the seat which suggests a hydraulic system which could be losing pressure?

One could be faulty, but both? Could be a faulty batch I suppose.

Problem is the dealer needs to keep it for a few days not just look at it!
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Post by bravem01 »

My 2020 model has always done this, but I have put it down to the high position of the lever as it is easy to nudge it when getting in to the seat!
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Post by Deleted User 4737 »

Have this too. 2020 B4 R Design. Only the drivers side and lowers under its own weight too, every few days needing a little pump up.
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Post by Ovlov »

Yep, same as BuzBox - will get it checked out before the warranty expires. My guess is that there will be no easy solution without replacing the mechanism.
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