Faulty interior lighting adjustment?

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Faulty interior lighting adjustment?

Post by xrq42 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:22 pm

The interior lighting can be adjusted with the thumbwheel in the instrument panel, to adjust the brightness of the display light, control light, ambient light and ambience light (text from User Manual).

Now, I can adjust the instrument panel brightness with this thumbwheel only when it’s dark outside. During daylight, the thumbwheel has no effect whatsoever on instrument panel brightness. This becomes a problem for me during dusk, when the instrument panel is too bright for my eyes adjusted to the lower light driving conditions. After around 15 min, as it becomes darker outside, low brightness on instrument panel sets in and the thumbwheel adjustment becomes active.

I wonder if this is by design (adjustment available only by dark) or somethings is wrong with my car...
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Re: Faulty interior lighting adjustment?

Post by Deleted User 2558 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:04 pm

I have the same issue. I think it's by (poor) design.

The dashboard lights also have no link with whether the dipped beam are on or off as well. My previous VW car just worked, everything was logical. The rain started, then the wipers and dipped beam came on. And the dash dimmed.

With the Volvo the rain starts, the wipers start BUT the dipped beam doesn't come on. Whether the dash changes from white to black has no connection with the wipers, dipped beam and only connects to a sensor unconnected to anything but outside light. So you get the dash swapping from white to black when entering tunnels, driving under trees.

A very poor auto system
I tend to switch the lights on when I need them, same with the wipers.

And despite all this (poor) automation the only thing that dims the dashboard is a rolling wheel somewhere invisible around your knee, which you have found is then only active when it's actually dark


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