Moonroof wind net area wet - anyone else?

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Moonroof wind net area wet - anyone else?

Post by ciuncky » Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:41 pm

Hi guys

After the severe rains and floods in parts of UK, i found upon opening the roof once that the wind net / fly net was partially wet (blobs of water on the frame corners, and blobs on the fabric).

I would partially agree this to be a normal issue as water can creep in everywhere; i expect there are drain canals but i haven't been able to locate them and check out they're not clogged due to bad general weather; if anyone knows an aprox position to share, would be appreciated!

HOWEVER - the real issue is that since then, i have opened and closed it 5-6 more times to test and every time the Pinch Protection came in when the wind net was about 50% down, so the roof retracted and refused to close. It eventually did close after 2-3 tries on each occasion. Upon trying to lower the wind net frame by hand, the springs on each side seemed to give in pretty hard. Haven't had tested this before so i don't have a base to compare it to.

Not a rush and i can live with it as is for 6 more months until 1st service, but wanted to get some more opinions/experience just to document it when turning to dealers.


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Re: Moonroof wind net area wet - anyone else?

Post by pp67 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:00 pm

I sure you are not alone with this as it has come up in the past.



Hopefully the dealer can fix the closing problem but I think we'll all have to live with the wet wind deflectors and the strange noises it makes in heavy rain!!
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