MPG - Again :-)

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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by Davidrosey » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:04 pm

Hdasmith Tha ks for the info I will switch off the stop go ... strangely when I took the car to volvo Collindale they set the best driving setting eco and stop start on ... I always suspected that setting was wrong. .. should I change to comfort... thing is I just don't get how you guys are all getring these spectacular numbers ... I wonder of there is something wrong with my cat

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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by iainrelliott » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:09 am

Mogbat975 wrote:
Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:28 pm
Had my T4 AWd Auto for 6 months now. Last week filled to the brim, drive all week on eco mode. 320 miles.. it's thirsty very very thirsty. Albeit mainly school run which is 18 round trip twice a day then work which is further but mainly motorway. Still it's the thirstiest car I've ever had, our 2.0 TT 2015 is more economical.
Ive just taken delivery of a T4AWD Auto too. Only had it a few days, but I’m noticing it is pretty thirsty, having also moved from a 2.0TT. On a similar journey to work, I could get around 45mpg from the TT, however driving very sedately on eco mode so far I’m lucky to manage 40. That said, I don’t do many miles and didn’t buy it for its fuel economy. A lovely car which I’ll enjoy for many years!

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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by vmorarian » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:15 am

2.0 D4 AWD
Winter, -15C..-5C - about 9.8l per 100km == 24mpg. 90% of travels are short distance, less than 10km == 6.21miles
Also using pre-heating in the morning.
Long trip distances (at least 30km == 20miles) -- about 7.8l per 100 lm == 30mpg

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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by dsun18 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:31 pm

I have to say, it seems to me having read lots of comments about mpg, the T4 comes off worst. Mpg is the same or seemingly worse than the T5, yet is 190bhp vs. 250 bhp. I have T5 and consistently get about 33mpg on longish trips in comfort mode, which for a 250bhp car shaped like the xc40 isn't too bad. For a 190bhp car it's pretty shabby. How can mpg between the two be seemingly identical, it doesn't make much sense.
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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by hdasmith » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:10 pm

That's not too uncommon in real world driving. With the lower power car, drivers often push the car harder relative to the maximum power, thus lowering the MPG. A higher powered car is under less load most of the time.

I don't know about the petrol ones, but the difference between the D3 and D4 is single turbo and dual turbo. For a D3 driver, that means less power lower down the rev scale, and therefore to get the most out of the engine, I have to keep the revs higher. This has a significant efficiency loss.

My Dad has the previous gen. XC60 D4. For local driving, he gets the same sort of efficiency as my car. For long driving, where you don't push the engine, mine has a significant advantage.
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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by chewystuey » Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:02 am

FYI done about 600 miles in my T5 and averaging 29mpg overall but in the low 30s on a motorway trip. I think that’s about right for a brand new engine. Currently using super unleaded but may change that to see what the drop is like.
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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by johnd » Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:07 am

Is anyone keeping actual mileage/consumption records for a T5 (or eg using Fuelly). It's common for self-reporting by the car to be overoptimistic, sometimes by 2-3mpg, if not more

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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by Rifleman » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:30 pm

Using Fuelly for my D4. Currently averaging 37mpg after 1280 miles. Best 41.1mpg, worst 32.mpg. A good 25% less mpg than my previous 2.0Tdi car.
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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by NitramA » Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:50 pm

D3 Auto 2000 miles.
Using aCar I get-
Average 46mpg
Minimum 42mpg
Best 49mpg.

Previous cars
Fiat 500X 1.4 petrol manual. 21,000 miles.
Average 37mpg
Minimum 27mpg
Max 49mpg

BMW 320D
20,000 miles
I have various consumption figures (no average as didnt use aCar) but the minimum is 49mpg and I was around mid to high 50mpg quite a lot.
Note that this was mostly long drives so may not be completely comparable.

Just shows the difference between driving a aerodynamic car and a shed (size and shape only as I still love it!)

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Re: MPG - Again :-)

Post by Db55 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:04 am

Johnd, I’ve had mine since September. I did start to keep record of my mpg, started off in eco with super unleaded and averaged around the 29mpg. I’m now using ordinary unleaded (Tesco)in comfort mode and getting 28.4mpg. I’m doing approximately 200-230 miles of mainly short journeys between fill ups. Done one trip of 100 miles in eco mode and returned 33.5mpg. Hope this helps and Happy New Year.
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