Ordering a new Volvo

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Ordering a new Volvo

Post by White » Sun Apr 04, 2021 2:34 pm

Having read the numerous articles on which MY customers have ordered/received, concern as to which features each model will have as standard, and the ever lengthening list of options and alternatives available, is the ordering process becoming too complex?.
I think it would be bad enough ordering a new vehicle through a dealer and to think of ordering on line, as seems to be likely in future, would fill me with apprehension. I now think I was lucky to have bought an "off the peg" new vehicle which the dealer had in stock and I knew exactly what I was getting. Possibly purchasing a used model would be safest in future.
How are new purchasers coping with all these variables and options?
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Asseen Ontv
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Re: Ordering a new Volvo

Post by Asseen Ontv » Sun Apr 04, 2021 3:06 pm

Surely when you order at a dealer or online you specify what you want. That's what my experience showed.

I received a printed document detailing the model, model name, engine size etc.

It came with a detailed list of standard and non-standard items that I'd ordered and paid for.

When the car arrived the contractural list matched the car that I was presented with.

There's a perceived problem here that isn't really a problem.

BTW I've ordered cars both from a dealer and direct, using websites, for over 20 years. Internet ordering isn't exactly a new thing.

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