XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

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XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by DrShine » Wed Feb 24, 2021 5:24 pm

Hi all,

Been a long time since my return to forums but this question has made me join to share my opinion.

In December i took delivery of my brand new XC40 2.0 B4 FWB R-Design pro. Changing from a VW CC 2.0TDI "140" returning me between 35mpg to 60 mpg at each extreme. So driving from flat out to major eco driving.

So the volvo being a petrol, I knew the fuel economy wasn't going to be the same but going by the advertised 38.6MPG i knew at worst this would return me 28mpg and if I drive on super eco mode with 55mph on motorway it would probably return me 40-45mpg tops.

So having done 1300 miles in the car and due to lockdown restrictions, my long journeys have been few and far between but i have managed to test on a 50 mile journey with half at motorway speeds on eco mode using cruise control at 55mph this was returning me 33MPG (This was gentle driving)

The dash displays the total average MPG since new and it is showing 23MPG I am not here to moan about the mpg but for some reason this is alarming me to think that something is wrong. I then fitted my bluetooth obd device and log through the Torque app on my android device to see if this was showing the same as the cars display. This app is wonderful and gives a faster response to the real time data and when under load.

So I then start to think to myself time to read up on the engine as I find out the car is a "Mild Hybrid". Well this is exciting i didnt even realise this what does this do lets go to the volvo website and check it out "48v battery in the boot that charges from brake regeneration and gives a swifter more economic pull away from stand still. Ok then if a more economic pull away from a 48v battery and a belt system on the engine and when you slow down the deceleration re-charges the battery. Very little info on exactly how this works so I would call the dealership hoping to get some keen sales guy on the phone that know all about it. They didn't know how it worked and told me to book car into the workshop to check the mpg issues. I know how this system works I have worked in dealerships and they would drive it round the road and state everything is ok and give a diagnostic check and state the ecu and electronics are fine.

I then pointed out that under the individual drive mode you can specify the braking characteristics to suit your driving style. I then said could this regen mode but putting the engine under too much load during the drive and be causing the the horrific MPG figure?????!!!!!!

I don't know he told me to book it in but i have now come to the forum to see what people are getting MPG on there B42.0 petrol engine's before i start to go down this crazy path of moaning about a few MPG's. I wasn't too keen on the car to begin with but its growing on me and just wanted to share me experience.



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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by eugen61 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 6:38 pm

The mild hybrid system gives coasting capabilities and a more reliable engine start-stop when idling. However, coasting won’t happen much during use of cruise control. The 48 V battery is too small to create increased fuel consumption with regeneration. Taking into account that the car has only 1300 miles, I would say your MPG is about right at this stage. In my experience, it takes about 7000 miles for the car to completely loosen up. I have the T4 FWD drivetrain and had similar experience with low MPG that improved over time. Today I’m able to reach the advertised WLTP mileage. Check if the advertised figures you’re referring to are NEDC, those are unrealistic in real life driving, you should set your expectations relative to WLTP.

Don’t worry about total average MPG since new showing 23MPG. Look at the MPG you’re able to achieve today, it will get better day by day.

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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by Alex_O » Wed Feb 24, 2021 6:58 pm

Same MPG issues here. Same engine as you, same delivery time of December. I get from (at worst) 11 up to 28mpg at my most very gentle driving.

The mild hybrid system is supposed to help with pulling away, reducing load on the engine through electric assist. I can't say how much the recharging of it impacts fuel economy.

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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by Qarx » Wed Feb 24, 2021 7:40 pm

I have T3, which is the same engine with one of the cylinders "cut off" and without the mild hybrid system. I currently average 8.4L/100km which google says is about 28 MPG. I have just over 1000 km, but that includes about 500 km of motorway which improved the average a bit. I live in city with steep hills and since delivery we have had permanent snow and below 0°C, so not ideal conditions for fuel economy. With your extra cylinder your economy will naturally be worse and from what I've read on the internet, the Volvo's mild hybrid system is not powerful enough to make any significant difference...

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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by blastpipe » Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:28 pm

I have a T4 and the MPG increased considerably once it had a few thousand miles on the clock. I get well more mpg than you are seeing...but then mine has fallen off a cliff now due to lockdown.

The lockdown is not a representative period to be assessing your mpg...car usage has dropped...electrical systems are struggling with low batteries...and it's winter.

Enjoy your XC40, stop worrying about mpg, it will improve once you get the chance to drive it normally.

I monitor mpg but it doesn't run or ruin my life. The fuel cost is small in comparison to depreciation. Just enjoy the car if you're lucky enough to get a journey in it.
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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by Dermottdog » Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:34 pm

As said, things will improve with age. Having said that, my good MPG from my T5 was achieved with only a low total mileage figure.


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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by Salmonfisher » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:14 pm

Mine is a diesel so not comparable, D4 R Design AWD. However as others have said the mileage was awful at first and slowly improved as I reached and then passed 10,000. Now over 20.000 I regularly get 40 plus despite never using Eco mode and not hanging about. This is actually better than my previous comparable Tiguan. So I think it is wait and see and if you are patient it will improve.

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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by DrShine » Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:12 pm

Thank you all so much for your feedback as this information is not out there to find.

MPG doesn't ruin my life as my other car is a MK7.5 Golf R running 400bhp and I dont mid paying for some boost pressure but when your fast family bus is returning higher MPG's then you start to scratch your head.

I will keep you all posted on how it all turns out but it's growing on me :-)

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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by Littletaffia » Fri Feb 26, 2021 12:02 pm

It is difficult to tell the MPG with short trips due to lockdown. I've had my B4 FWD for just over four months and have only just passed the 3,000 mile mark. Only long runs I've done has been all dual and motorway runs to a specialist vet, a return trip of 64 miles and done twice in one day last Tuesday. Keeping to around 60 the car returned 52.1 mpg. After picking up the dog thought it prudent to get her home quickly, so foot was pressed a little louder and returned 45.4. It is getting better with more miles on the clock and the more the weather warms up then the MPG should increase again.

I'm normally getting high 20s to low 30s on short trips locally and I live in a very hilly area. Cars growing on me although I do miss my Mk7.5 GTD.

The cost of the petrol is a lot less than the fees charged by the vet. Never mind very comfortable car to sit in when waiting outside the vets.
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Re: XC40 2.0 B4 FWD mpg issues

Post by Stanno » Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:29 pm

I picked up my B4 on Monday with 8 miles on the clock. I have done 134 miles, a mix of motorway at 70, A roads at 50/60 and country lanes at 20/40 and idling while I played around with settings. The On Call app is reporting an average of 37 mpg.

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