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Test drive questions

Post by johnd » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:30 pm

Reflecting on a D4 R-Design (automatic) test drive there were a couple of questions I had:

1. I don't recall seeing any readout of which gear I was in. did I just miss this information somewhere in the display or Is there some setting that would call it up? I can't recall any other modern auto that I've driven that didn't have a gear indicator. Or is there some quirk like it only becomes visible when the auto is in manual mode?

2. In a similar vein of engine information, I also couldn't spot a way of putting engine data like water and oil temperature up and clearly visible between the gauges. Surely this must be possible, but I couldn't quickly spot how.

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Re: Test drive questions

Post by mss911 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:46 pm

1. Center of the Rev counter (right) has the current auto drive setting / gear if you are in manual mode.

2. Only indicator warnings & messages logged in the Sensus system. The on all app also has some checks.

You can down load the car manual from the apps store / web which is great for digging into these questions as you make your choice.

How did you like your test drive ?

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Re: Test drive questions

Post by johnd » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:02 pm

OK, thanks for the answers. Hmm, but it does rather sound as if Volvo is doing something of a Big Brother act, ie we're not going to tell you what you don't really need to know. I guess that's arguable in terms of simplicity but it doesn't make it much of a driver's car where it's simply nice to know what's going on, eg have the water and oil temperatures reached the point where it's OK to put my foot down?

Test drive was a D4 which left me having to guess what a T5 might be like, but I suspect the two won't be very dissimilar. Test was OK and really not bad at all, but not overwhelming enough for me to sign on the dotted line yet. Gearbox seemed a little hesitant even in dynamic mode which was slightly disappointing and the car seemed to pitch a little more over bumps than I'd really like, but then no car is perfect.

Where I'm at right now is trying to weigh up the relative compromises between my shortlist contenders of:

* XC40 T5 - reasonably premium but a little soft and quirky
* Cupra Ateca - definitely the performance winner but interior is a bit low rent, especially in UK spec, eg seats are manual only
* Facelift Audi Q3 45 TFSI - probably the best interior and most familiar for me to drive with DSG gearbox and properly up to date ICE etc, but can I live with the (still!) rather pedestrian styling?

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Re: Test drive questions

Post by iainrelliott » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:19 pm

If you’re moving from an Audi/VW DSG, I too moved from a 2.0Tfsi TT with DSG. I’ve been surprisingly impressed with the auto box on my T4, as it was a concern it might not live up to the TT. I added the steering wheel paddle shift as an extra. I agree though that it would be nice to see what gear I’m in or oil temp.

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Re: Test drive questions

Post by libbers » Sat Jan 05, 2019 1:22 am

I agree the Audi and Seat has the edge over the Volvo purely in terms of performance and the responsiveness of the gearbox. I test drove an Ateca, and both a Q2 and Q3 - they are definitely sharper, punchier drives. I just found on balance the XC40 offered more, some great tech as standard and a good looking car. And the drive isn't bad - it's a softer drive but with that a more refined and comfortable ride than the Seat and even Audis - so depends what is most important.

FWIW, I've not driven a T5, but in my T4 I find the dynamic mode significantly more "dynamic" feeling than the D4 I test drove (I too found dynamic mode a little underwhelming in the test drive). With the petrol engine I find it a pretty noticeable change in drive, and I'd guess this would be even more so in the T5.
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