Engine management light : amber

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Engine management light : amber

Post by Spezzer » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:38 pm


Picked up an XC40 in October and have done 4k miles. After a 160 mile journey this morning, stopped at shops for 10 mins, got back in and started the engine. An amber engine management light came on and stayed on, the satnav display disappeared from drivers display and just left with 2 dials and black space between. Seems to be running okay.

Spoke to dealer and they reckon its okay to drive but they need to run diagnostics asap so will book it in. Interestingly, the on call guy I rang said call back if I can't get it booked in within a few days and they wil arrange diagnostics.

I've seen a few posts about ad-blu but not seeing any prompts on the dash. What's the typical refill interval for ad-blu?

Suggestions welcome


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