Key Battery flat

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Key Battery flat

Post by kilyy » Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:05 pm

I went on a short shopping trip today in my FE XC40 and when I parked at the second shop the car would not lock with the handle or the fob so I locked it with my phone.

Unfortunately my phone would not accept my password to unlock it. When I did get ih with the key and setting off the alarm several times the car displayed NO Key Present - so I went home and got the spare key - it worked - turns out the key battery had died after seven months,

So Now i know what that silly little cubby hole behind the gear selector is for!!!!

It is to put your spare key battery's in along with a chubby screwdriver because when you eventually get to the battery cover in the key a coin will not fit it has to be a screwdriver --- be warned get your spare battery's now

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